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Daloy Movement Community

Daloy orchestrates an array..

of movement classes, gatherings, and festivals, epitomizing their commitment to artistic expression, community engagement, and holistic well-being.



Movement Classes

Daloy Dance Company's movement classes are masterfully curated to transcend traditional dance instruction. Rooted in contemporary dance and infused with elements of mindfulness, these classes serve as immersive experiences. Participants are guided through explorative sessions that delve into the body's intuitive movements, facilitating self-awareness and creative expression. The company employs a fusion of techniques, seamlessly blending dance, meditation, and somatic practices to create an environment conducive to personal growth and self-discovery.



The company's gatherings serve as platforms for individuals to unite, exchange ideas, and celebrate artistic diversity. These gatherings are characterized by a vibrant fusion of movement, music, and collaborative energy. Participants from varied backgrounds come together to engage in interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions that amplify collective creativity. The gatherings nurture a sense of belonging and kinship, reinforcing the idea that movement transcends physicality to foster profound connections among individuals.



Daloy Dance Company's festivals stand as iconic showcases of artistic prowess and cultural enrichment. These events draw upon an extensive network of performers, choreographers, and artists to curate a multi-dimensional experience. The festivals feature captivating dance performances, thought-provoking installations, and interactive workshops that captivate both participants and spectators. These events contribute to the enrichment of local cultural landscapes, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the transformative power of movement and artistic expression.


In essence, Daloy Dance Company's movement classes, gatherings, and festivals embody a holistic approach to dance, transcending mere physical movement to encompass emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. Through their innovative and immersive endeavors, the company has established itself as a trailblazer in the realm of movement-based experiences, enriching lives and fostering a deeper connection to the self and the community.

Daloy: The Flow of Embodied Wisdom

Daloy, a Tagalog term synonymous with 'Flow,' serves as a captivating movement meditation that invites individuals to embrace moments of ease and present-moment awareness. Rooted in the divine feminine energy of intuition, surrender, and trust, Daloy reclaims the tradition of Bahala Na (Bathala Na) and weaves it into the fabric of conscious living, harmonizing with the universal wisdom of Philippine pakikipagkapwa.

This transformative practice encompasses:

  • Trust in oneself

  • Conscious presence

  • Vibrant aliveness

  • Embodiment of love

  • Liberation of ancestral lineage



Daloy Movement emerges as a dynamic and durational meditation that taps into the innate wisdom of the body through the four elements—Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. With 17 years of dance teaching and a rich background in classical and contemporary ballet, Ea Torrado embarked on a profound journey of exploration. Guided by the question, "What are ways of moving, and being, that are nurturing to the body?" she delved into a diverse range of movement-based forms such as Yoga, Reiki, Physical Theatre, Viewpoints Technique, and Improvisation. This quest deepened her connection to human physiology and its limitless potentials.

Ea's transformative journey took her to New York in 2017 under the Asian Cultural Council Grant, where she underwent a 6-month intensive study focusing on contemporary dance, somatics, dance therapy, and improvisation. This voyage solidified her belief in dance as a pathway to profound self-intimacy.

The Embodiment Experience

Daloy Movement cultivates a space where dance becomes a catalyst for self-reflection, mindfulness, and liberation. Ea Torrado nurtures each participant, guiding them to embrace their inner strength, authenticity, and presence. Through this practice, individuals are reminded that these states of being are accessible within themselves, transcending time and space.

Within the secure haven of Daloy Movement, autonomy, authenticity, and agency flourish. A spirit of mutual care and respect forms the foundation, enabling participants of all ages, sizes, genders, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious beliefs to find a sense of belonging within their bodies.

A Global Journey

Daloy Movement's evolution transcends borders and boundaries. Originating as a series of classes in Sikat Studio and Erehwon Arts Center from 2014 to 2015, it has graced international stages, from the Asia Pacific Improv Festival in Malaysia to the Radical Contact Festival in Sweden. It has journeyed to Japan, the United States, and various platforms, enriching diverse audiences.

Intricately interwoven into Ea Torrado's artistic endeavors, Daloy Movement has manifested in dance performances across the world. From a trio at The Cultural Center of The Philippines to a solo in Korea and a quintet for international conferences, this practice has seamlessly merged with the realm of art and academia.

Ea Torrado's 6-month Research Residency in New York, supported by the Asian Cultural Council Grant, was a pivotal chapter in Daloy Movement's story. It became a healing practice, enriching lives and facilitating profound introspection, even finding its way to Yale University.

In Conclusion

Daloy Movement, more than a dance, is a transformative journey. It encapsulates a rich tapestry of movement, mindfulness, and self-discovery, inviting individuals to unlock their innate wisdom and embrace the vibrant flow of existence. Join us, as we dance, reflect, and liberate—embracing the essence of Daloy.

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November 2020 - Present

A monthly gathering around the time of the full moon, with invited healers, mystics, psychologists, musicians, yoga teachers, cacao ceremonialists and artists to share their practice of connecting the physical body with the rhythm and workings of the Earth.

Awakening the Inner Diyosa
September 2020

A 3-month course on the Divine Feminine, while seen and experienced through the lens of a Filipina/x body and experience, and taking inspiration from Babaylan, the pre-colonial priestess-healers of the Philippines, and its practice and philosophy of healing from loob or inner-space.

July 2020

An online festival that features dancers from the Philippines, and the diaspora, for re-rooting to our cultural heritage, while growing our networks and making meaningful international connections

At Home with Daloy
April 2020

During the 2020 lockdown, Daloy produced At Home with Daloy (April 2020), interfacing ‘being at home', 'being online' and ‘being fully in our bodies’, by offering a safe virtual space for sharing meditation, mindfulness and embodiment techniques,


Walang Hiya

A festival featuring somatic movement practices, bodywork and verbal exchanges to explore issues of identity and belonging, body image, beauty and objectification, privilege and power

Sayaw Galaw

A gathering with live musicians, psychosomatic healing practitioners and artists, to ask how dance can heal intergenerational traumas of shame and guilt in the body.

Tanghal at Talakay

an artistic residency for emerging PH choreographers and movement creatives, that focused on dialogue before and after every work-sharing, thereby creating space for audience and artist positions to blur and merge.



Daloy Reduces stress
and anxiety issues

Daloy is meditative, relaxing, and a deeply personal practice on being okay with the present moment, letting go of our notions of what must happen next, and instead move from radically accepting our continuous unfolding.


Joy Mauchlin Ras

"It's a great place to share positive energy without talking, without sharing in words. Yet when you go out of the venue you are filled with love and positivity

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