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Bari-bari is the ilokano for tabi tabi po (tagalog).  A Filipino expression that one says when passing through a place where elemental spirits may be, out of reverence and respect; as if saying, ‘We are only passing through; we mean no harm’.

The Philippines’ pre-colonial attitude of respect for nature. Nature worship and eco-conscious reverence to nature, and environmental awareness are deeply part of our Filipino cultural heritage. Through this multimedia collaboration between film, visual arts and dance, we are helping to collaboratively channel/steer the attempts of local communities at environmental stewardship towards awareness, and through creative production.

Bari-bari is a collection of 9 short dance films that combine interviews, folk and ethnic dances in Ilocos Region (and contemporary interpretation of these dances), and dances that arise from immersion with the land and waters in La Union, Ilocos Sur, advocating for environmental sustainability and regeneration. The premiere of the film series is on the Environmental Dances platform by Company Christoph Winkler.

Episode 1 will first be seen at the 2021 Fifth Wall Fest.

Behind the Work

Director: Ea Torrado & Chino Neri

Costumes Design: Leeroy New

Writer: Ea Torrado

Editor: Gabrielle Fiore and Kurrent Multimedia Inc.

Cinematographer: Anjo dela Cruz

Dron Cinematographer: Jerome Acosta

Director of Photography: Chino Neri

Dance Artists: Eisa Jocson, Mia Cabalfin, Abee Manotoc, Precious Jewel Gacad, Rojan Khylle Rimorin, Jerwin Bryle Acosta

Project Manager: EM Meneses

Photographer: Renz Eryka

Production Assistant: Nicky Ancheta

Executive Producers: Daloy and Company Christopher Walker

Cooperating Partners: B-side Productions, Dalumpinas Oeste, Eco-rangers, Sanduli Dance Troupe and LORMA Colleges, San Juan Campus, KURRENT Multimedia Productions Inc.

Funding Support: Goethe Insitut Manila

Production Assistant: Nicky Ancheta

Special Thanks: Miguel Vargas, Rizza and Zia and Jeric, James Razo, Nina Sta. Maria, Diana Ross Castaneda,  Mr Kaypee, and Dr. Carol Macagba

Chino Neri Co-Director of Bari-bari by Daloy Dance Company - Contemporary Dance Philippines



Chino Neri is Managing Director and co-founder of Kurrent, whose expertise in the video production industry comes from having worked in all its disciplines, acting as Cinematographer, Director, Editor and co-Editor, Executive Producer, and Post-Production Artist for several projects, including those that took him to Dongguan, China and across the United States of America, from California to New York. Having worn many hats gave him the courage to set out on his own.


Philippine Tatler hailed her as one of the “Must-Know Filipino Talents in The Arts and Culture Scene in 2021”. Artist-healer Ea Torrado create contemporary pieces that engage both lyrically and viscerally with the politics of identity, society, sexuality, collective rage, grief, spirituality and healing. Her creations manifest in performance rituals, dance theatre, movement gatherings, site-specific work, installation and film.

Ea Torrado Co-Director of Bari-bari by Daloy Dance Company - Contemporary Dance Philippines



Daloy Dance Company - Contemporary Dance Philippines
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