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Pag-aatang (2023)

Through "Pagaatang," Ea Torrado intertwines personal narratives with ancestral reverence and mythological elements. The film embraces the concept of the Mother in its myriad forms — from Mother Nature, to the cherished bonds with biological mothers and grandmothers, to Ea's connection to the coastal town of La Union in the Philippines. Which over the course of four transformative years, has become more than just a place; it has grown to embody the essence of a mother figure for her.

Behind the Work

Concept, Direction and Script: Ea Torrado

Ritualist: Malaya Arguelles

Chant Artist: Ea Torrado

Cinematography: Chickle Kate Dela Rosa

Assistant Cinematographer: Jen Kyla

Editor: Ira Noefe

Sound Designer: Nica Quirimit

Produced by: 

Canada Council for the Arts

The Future is Ritual 2023

Greenhouse Theatre

Daloy Dance Company

Daloy Dance Company - Contemporary Dance Philippines
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