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‘Howl’ explores a new movement language of ‘release’ through club techno music. ‘Howl’ is inspired by somatic explorations that transcend the body from restriction and inhibition, to freedom and possibility, ‘Glitters’ explores movement invented out of these ‘liberating’ dance exercises, releasing the dancers’ bodies from rigid holding patterns, and pushing past their exhausting point through repetition and drive.

Danced to evocative club techno beats  ‘Howl’ ponders on the performance of beauty, gender and vulnerability.
This work is possible through the support of Daloy Dance Company, Pineapple Lab, Green Glass Door and PUP Maharlika Dance Artists.

Choreographer: Ea Torrado

Dancers: Buboy Raquitico, Jomari Cruz, Kennard Allen Insigne, Jan Lloyd Celecio, Jovin Lazaro, Joy Cristian Adorable, Jamie Paraiso, Arcelyn Lualhati, Jaime Rose Monserrat, Julienne Pearl Depatillo, Dane Afuang , Debi Lynn Afuang , Jally Mae Boral, Aleisa Lamboloto, Lance Latoja , Edward Torres, Jeffrey Movilla

Performance: Howl , Cultural Center of the Philippines Neo Filipino October, 2018

Photo credits: Jojo Mamangun, Erica Jacinto and Sipat Productions

Daloy Dance Company - Contemporary Dance Philippines
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