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“Himalaya’s movements and phrasing are fresh and innovative, energy levels are swift and consistent, challenging the dancers’ bodies to explore its limit.” – Tats Manahan, Inquirer Lifestyle

A portmanteau of the Filipino words “himala” (miracle) and “laya” (freedom), Himalaya is a stylized dance that depicts the flowing unity between spirit/earth and culture/nature by drawing from two ongoing artistic and spiritual practices: research into movement-based meditation, and contemporary interpretations of Philippine folkloric traditions.


In the first instance, the piece develops ideas generated by daloy, a breath- and movement-oriented meditation conceived by choreographer Ea Torrado as a Philippine counterpart to the concepts of qi, flow, and prana.


Second, Himalaya uses the music of Filipino world music band "Makiling" and celebrates the abundance and resilience of the Philippines’ vast archipelagic natural world. Articulated through Daloy’s distinctive movement language, Himalaya comprises fluid configurations of duos, trios, and larger collectives to interpret Philippine folkloric themes of bayanihan (solidarity), pakikipagkapwa (togetherness), and pagtanggap (acceptance, hospitality) in various ritualistic, communal, and festive modes of community.


By linking breath and movement, self and other, the piece reflects and embodies the search for interconnectivity.



Choreography & Direction by Ea Torrado

Music by Makiling

Costumes by John Carlo Pagunaling

Lighting Design by Katsch Catoy


Dancers: Ea Torrado, Zyda Baaya, Buboy Raquitico, Jomarie Cruz, Ayumi Oquino, Jane Marco, Ricardo Magno, Jared Jonathan Luna


Performances: Fringe Manila Festival 2015, DALOY USA TOUR 2016


Photo credit: Erickson Dela Cruz

Daloy Dance Company - Contemporary Dance Philippines
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